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What is the value of laboratory accreditation?

2LA is a well-established accreditation body with a reputation for high standards in providing accreditation and training programs. Our registered agents are seasoned experts in on-site performance assessments, ongoing proficiency testing, as well as understanding the principles underlying the requirements of international and national standards. What separates us from the rest is our experience and commitment through objectivity, impartiality, responsibility, and transparency.

  • Fill out the contact form to have an agent assigned to you
  • Submit application, applicable fees, and documentation cited in the I2LA accreditation criteria
  • Partner with your local registered agent throughout the accreditation process 

About I2LA

The I2LA Board of Directors are experts in laboratory sciences. Each has a passion for for science and technology and have invested years in their respective fields or trades.

Whatever your organization is facing, we guarantee to give a fresh perspective. It’s this insight, coupled with innovative, long-term solutions, that helps you meet and exceed the most aggressive company goals and expectations.

  • By going through the accreditation process, a laboratory gains by necessarily building a quality management system which functions to reduce procedural errors and prevent errors from reaching the customer.

  • Designates the laboratory as qualified and competent to provide services in the field(s) in which it is accredited.

  • A regular, objective “checkup” that helps a laboratory’s management make continual improvements in its operation.

  • In an increasing number of instances, entry to a given market that would otherwise be closed to the laboratory.

  • Increased laboratory productivity, resulting from a decrease in the number of clients who insist on having their own staff audit the laboratory. The majority of clients now base their confidence on third-party accreditations.

  • Accreditation assessments help the laboratory staff stay on the cutting edge of technology developments in their field.

  • Significant discounts in liability insurance premiums are not uncommon, when the insurer appreciates the verification-of-competence that accreditation represents.

  • Improved performance by laboratory staff. Undergoing regular assessments enhances staff discipline and sense of professionalism. Employees are more likely to be committed to complying with the firm’s quality management system and standards of performance.

  • For calibration laboratories, accreditation by an international accreditation body validates their pivotal place in the unbroken chain of traceability to national and international measurement standards.